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Jan 30, 18   Emilia   Comments Off on BSB 25th Anniversary Project Reaches Goal

Back in August 2017 a project was set up to celebrate Backstreet Boys 25th anniversary. The project was to get an ad in Billboard magazine and for us to accomplish this a gofundme page was set to help raise money. The amount needed for the Billboard magazine ad was $5,500 ($5,900 was listed due to […]

Jan 05, 18   Emilia   Comments Off on BSB 25th Anniversary Project Update!

Backstreet Boys 25th anniversary is just a little over 3 months away and since starting the project many of you have contributed to over $3000! To help with donations of the 25th anniversary project (details of the project can be read here) we’re doing some new. Make sure to follow the BSB25Project on Instagram to […]

Aug 21, 17   Emilia   Comments Off on BSB 25th Anniversary Project

Next year will be the Boys 25th anniversary and to celebrate the anniversary, Sara at What Happens on the Backstreet has started a project for it. The idea is to get a full page ad in Billboard Magazine to celebrate the anniversary. In order to do so this will require fans contribution. It takes a […]

Aug 08, 17   Emilia   Comments Off on 25th Anniversary Ideas

As we all know next year is the Boys 25th anniversary and a few weeks ago I started a poll on Twitter to see if fans would be interested in being a part of a project for it. The majority of you who voted in the poll said yes. At the moment no idea has […]

May 19, 17   Emilia   Comments Off on Send Your Condolences to Nick

As we all know Nick’s father Robert passed away on Tuesday and many have already sent their condolences on Twitter. A group card was created for fans to leave their messages for Nick. The card will be sent to Nick. To leave a message for Nick visit groupcard.com. Credit goes to Kayla Wallace for the […]

Dec 26, 16   Emilia   Comments Off on Nick Birthday Project 2017

Over the years the Boys, for many of us, have been there for us through their music whether they knew it or not. Not many fans are able to tell Nick or any of the Boys just how much their music, etc has helped them over the years, unlike I have been able to in […]

Jan 27, 15   Emilia   Comments Off on Thank You Nick Birthday Hashtag

Tomorrow is Nick’s 35th birthday and I’ll be posting our project then, but several of you asked about taking part of the project even if you didn’t meet Nick. Here’s what I got planned for everyone to take part tomorrow. Since the birthday project is our way to thank Nick for all the events and […]

Dec 29, 14   Emilia   Comments Off on Nick’s Birthday Project

Next month will be Nick’s 35th birthday and I will be doing another project for it. Here’s how you can participate in the project. Did you meet Nick this year? Whether it was during the Backstreet Boys tour, Nick & Knight tour, cruise or any other event held this year submit your photo with Nick. […]

Jan 05, 14   Emilia   Comments Off on Birthday Project Submit Your Messages

Nick’s birthday is coming up later this month and this year I want to do a project where everyone can submit messages that will be put together for him. Once it’s Nick’s birthday I’ll have it posted here for everyone to see. Submit: a message no longer than five or six sentences. It will be […]

Feb 10, 12   Emilia   Comments Off on Over 700 Messages For Nick!

Big thanks to everyone who wrote a message for Nick in the group card that was created for him. There was about 750 messages for Nick! It was sent to Eddie today. We hope Nick will love it. Thanks again everyone.

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