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Jul 08, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on Boys on Extra

Extra aired the boys interview today instead of on Thursday. They were supposed to show them talking about the new album. I don’t know what happened with that cause they didn’t. Nick talked about his reality show, talked about Kevin and other things.  Watch the interview at the boys official site or at our media vault.

Jun 13, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on Nick’s Q&A on Youtube

This weeks Q&A with the fans on the boys youtube is for Nick. Check it out below.

Jun 11, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on New Studio Video From Nick

Nick shared a new video on his new youtube page from inside the studios lastnight. He mentioned a new song called ‘Best That I Can’ and you can hear a bit of it. You can also see Nick got a new haircut and look at Howie’s reaction it’s pricless lol.

May 29, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on New Video From Nick

Nick shared a video of him and the other guys at their photoshoot today. Check it out below.

May 29, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on New Album is Called This Is Us

The boys did a interview with Extra and they have it up on their website to watch here.  Download here. In the interview the boys confirmed the new album will be called ‘This Is Us’.

May 19, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on Nick Radio Disney Latino Interview

A few months ago Nick did a interview with Radio Disney Latino. Thanks to BSB-Unbreakable.com for the audio. Download link

May 04, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on Video of BSB in the Studio

The guys minus Brian who is said to be in Atlanta are in the studio once again with Claude Kelly today. Claude shared this video him with the guys in the studio on his youtube page.

Apr 25, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on Five New Songs

So a total of five new songs have leaked on youtube. I am not sure how long these link will work.  Masquerade (produced by Brian Kennedy), Fallen Angel, She’s a Dream (produced by T-Pain), International, and Bigger (written by Max Martin).   My opinion on the songs my faves are Fallen Angel and Masquerade which is […]

Apr 22, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on New Videos From The Studios

The Connect which are a writing team shared video of themselves with the boys in the studio. Check them out below. Thanks goes to Sarah for capturing. Video 1 Video 2 Video 3

Apr 16, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on Nick’s Studio Update

Here’s a video of Nick giving studio updates. The video was filmed April 14.

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