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Jun 26, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on BSB MSN In Concert Now Up

You can finally watch the boys MSN in Concert check it out if you were waiting to watch it online. For now they just have the individual performances. The full show not up yet. Downloads still available over at the community. Update: If you want to watch the full concert over at MSN in Concert click […]

Jun 25, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on MSN in Concert Already Up For Viewing

Over at the Tawain MSN site they already have the concert up for viewing. It buffers a lot so if you want to watch online wait until tomorrow when it will be up on the MSN in concert section. I’ll update tomorrow with a link to the concert so you can watch on MSN in […]

Jun 25, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on Media Update: MSN in Concert Previews

A few previews and interviews about the MSN in Concert webcast are added to the media vault. Check it out. If you would like to download the files instead they’re uploaded at the community.

Jun 24, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on Media Update: Classic Stuff at the Community

Yesterday I transfered some old stuff from my VHS tapes to my computer. I have uploaded three videos so far that you can check out at the community. I will be uploading some more stuff as I look through my VHS tapes. Quality I know may not be so great because these are anywhere from […]

Jun 02, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on Media Update: BSB Greatest Hits

TMF Music (UK) aired the 1 hour special of the Backstreet Boys Greatest Hits. The videos were cut out of the file since we already seen them a million times lol. So we just have footage of the boys chatting. Thanks to Sarah (BrianUKfan) at LD for capturing. You can watch it at the media vault or […]

Jun 01, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on Media Vault Update

You’ll probably notice if you visit the media vault that there are several videos that may not play. That’s because I am resizing all the large files to smaller sizes to save space. Check back later on as the files should be reuploaded. I’ll update the post when all the files are reuploaded.  Update: I forgot to update the post last […]

May 29, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on Listen to Josh Hoge’s Version of ‘Undone’

A few weeks ago I posted about how the boys recorded a song by Josh Hoge. Well, now you can listen to Josh Hoge’s version of the song ‘Undone’. To kinda get a listen of how the song is. It’s a pretty good song. It’s up on youtube here.

May 21, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on Media Update: Katja & Sophie Talkshow

Back on April 6, 2008 the Katja and Sophie Talkshow were at the boys soundcheck in Rotterdam. Thanks to nickalicious.net for the video. You can watch it here or download at the community.

May 21, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on Gallery & Media Update: Vilnius, Lithuania

Nick and Howie had a press conference in Vilnius, Lithuania on May 20, 2008. You can watch it at the media vault or download the file at the community. Also photos from the concert in Vilnius, Lithuania have been added to the gallery.

May 12, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on New Look at Media Vault

The media vault has a brand new look. Thanks to Night and Day Design for providing a customized theme for us members of fan-sites.org. It was quite easy for me to modify. I hope everyone likes it.

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