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Apr 20, 18   Emilia   Comments Off on Backstreet Boys Tease New Music Coming Soon

Backstreet Boys posted on their social media today about new music! They shared a clip of what seems to be of them rehearsing for their music video. This is what they wrote on the post. Their new single will be released soon! #BSB25 and counting… ? Follow our official discography playlist on Spotify to stay […]

Apr 14, 18   Emilia   Comments Off on Nick Updates From Backstreet Boys Music Video Shoot

Backstreet Boys filmed the music video to their new single on April 13, 2018 and Nick updated a little on the shoot on the Backstreet Boys Instagram Stories. Who else is excited for new music soon? Can’t wait to hear the new single!

Apr 10, 18   Emilia   Comments Off on Backstreet Boys Filming New Music Video Soon!

Nick mentioned at the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest on April 7 during his chat that BSB will be filming their new music video next week (possibly meaning this week). Also, they’ll be dancing in the video. Thanks to Jenny for sharing the video she filmed with us! Here is the video from #WalkerStalkerChicago #FanFest […]

Mar 29, 18   Emilia   Comments Off on Song Writer Nat Dunn Talks About Backstreet Boys Recording Her Song

Song writer Nat Dunn – who is part of Australian house duo NAATIONS recently spoke with TheMusicNetwork.com about the Backstreet Boys recording one of her songs for their new album. What are you working on at the moment? What are you excited about for this year? A lot of NAATIONS music is coming out – […]

Feb 06, 18   Emilia   Comments Off on Howie Dorough Talks About New Backstreet Boys Music

Howie Dorough recently did an interview with Entertainment Weekly and talked about the new Backstreet Boys album. You mentioned a new single. When can we expect that? Very shortly. We’re hopefully talking about here in March. We got some nice little tricks up our sleeves. We’re going to be performing at the iHeartRadio Music Awards […]

Jan 31, 18   Emilia   Comments Off on Backstreet Boys Worked with The Stereotypes on New Album

The Backstreet Boys have been pretty quiet about who they’re working with on their upcoming album which is set to be released this year. Other than Timbaland and Steve Aoki we haven’t heard about anyone else. According to Forbes the LA-based production and writing team The Stereotypes worked on a few upcoming projects including working […]

Oct 21, 17   Emilia   Comments Off on Backstreet Boys Talk About Their New Album with Rolling Stone

Over the past two years, the Backstreet Boys have made what, at first glance, seemed like an unlikely foray into country music. But they soon discovered an audience that was similar – and in some cases exactly the same – to the massive crowds they drew during their reign in the late Nineties and early […]

Aug 30, 17   Emilia   Comments Off on Backstreet Boys Discuss New Album with Entertainment Tonight

Backstreet Boys are working on a new album and after the Boy Band finale AJ and Howie spoke about the album, collaborations plus more with Entertainment Tonight. As they get to work on their 10th album, the Backstreet Boys are revealing that they’re calling on some of music’s biggest names for possible collaborations! “We’re reaching […]

Aug 16, 16   Emilia   Comments Off on Backstreet’s Recording New Album in Nashville and Los Angeles

Backstreet Boys have been working on their new album these past few days and on Friday they recorded a song while they were in Nashville and just yesterday Howie mentioned flying out to Los Angeles to record more music. You can see a few updates from Brian and Kevin on their instagram accounts rokspics and […]

Aug 11, 16   Emilia   Comments Off on Backstreet Boys in Nashville Working on New Album

Backstreet Boys are in Nasville today working on their new album. Today they took some time to listen to some new potential songs that writers and publishers have pitched to them at Big Loud Records. Check out the updates and photos below from BSB, BMG, writers and publishers below. Laura Wright Alexander on Instagram, Joey […]

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