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Apr 25, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on Five New Songs

So a total of five new songs have leaked on youtube. I am not sure how long these link will work.  Masquerade (produced by Brian Kennedy), Fallen Angel, She’s a Dream (produced by T-Pain), International, and Bigger (written by Max Martin).   My opinion on the songs my faves are Fallen Angel and Masquerade which is […]

Apr 24, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on New Album Updates

According to the boys on Twitter they have a total of 18 tracks recorded so far for the new album. This past week they were working with Jim Jonsin.   On Friday they shared this message. “Wycleff is in the studio hanging with us + Jim Jonsin. He’s loving our new track. I think if […]

Apr 23, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on Album Update From Nick on Facebook

Nick posted the following on the BSB facebook page.   Dude, I’m so pumped. I’m so happy to be a backstreet boy. I love the new music. Its almost done guys. Im getting all giddy inside creating the new music thats back to us, you have to hear hit. I feel like a school boy. […]

Apr 21, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on Demo of What I Know Now

Thanks to Mimi at the community for finding the demo of a new song the guys worked with Claude Kelly on called ‘What I Know Now’. Check it out here. Click read more to read the lyrics.

Apr 16, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on New Song Title What I Know Now

The boys are working with Claude Kelly again today. They have update their twitter page and let us know of a new song they are working on.    “Cutting a cool new song called What I Know Now. It’s the shit.”   Update: here are some more updates made today from the boys.   Howard […]

Apr 16, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on Nick’s Studio Update

Here’s a video of Nick giving studio updates. The video was filmed April 14.

Apr 15, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on BSB Still Working with Claude Kelly

Claude Kelly left the following message several minutes ago on twitter. I’ll update this post with another news that he or the Boys share about their recording sessions today.   “Day 2 with the Backstreet Boys …Bow! How u like me Now?!??!?”   Update: here are some more updates from the boys.   Almost done […]

Apr 14, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on Boys Working with Claude Kelly Today

Nick sent a message on Twitter about their recording session today.   Bout to record another smash with the boyz. Can’t wait to meet this new producer claude kelly. Its gonna be a great session.   There are lots of updates from Claude that he shared on his Twitter page.   “Omg Nick Carter is […]

Apr 09, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on Album Update From Nick

Nick made a update on Twitter today about the new album.   Listening to a new song we cut with Jim Johnson ft Pitbull (Helpless) hope it gets on the album gotta convince Jive to like it as much as we do.

Apr 08, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on BSB Record New Song By Ne-Yo Called Trouble

AJ did a interview back on April 2nd with a Japanese radio station and mentioned a bit of info on the new album. He mentioned a song they recorded called Trouble. Which is a song by Ne-Yo. You can take a listen to Ne-Yo’s version at youtube. Ne-Yo had orginally recorded this song for his […]

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