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Jul 18, 12   Emilia   Comments Off on Backstreet Boys Working With Craig David

AJ has announced on twitter today that they will be working with Craig David on their new album. Most may remember him from his songs Seven Days, Fill Me In and Walking Away. He’s released other songs as well. New pic of the guys in the studio with Craig David posted by Kevin on twitter. […]

Jul 13, 12   Emilia   Comments Off on BSB Filming TV Documentary About the New Album

The Backstreet Boys are said to be filming a TV documentary about the new album. The following tweet is from Mark Boardman. markmeets: The Backstreet Boys are making a TV documentary about their comeback and new album. Update: More info was posted on markmeets.com. The five piece are currently in the Uk recording their new […]

Jul 09, 12   Emilia   Comments Off on Kevin Talks About the New BSB Album

Kevin recently did a interview with MTV where he discussed about the new BSB album! “We all discussed, we want this to be a personal record,” Richardson told MTV News. “We want it to be authentic to us and who we are and where we’re at in our lives. … We want to talk about […]

May 26, 12   Emilia   Comments Off on New Album Info From Sydney

During soundcheck in Sydney the guys were asked about the new album. This is what Nick answered with. He did stress how they can go in to the studio with one idea and then come out with something completely different but an idea they have at the moment is an updated 70s disco sound for […]

Apr 28, 12   Emilia   Comments Off on Backstreet Boys to Record New Album in London

Nick posted on twitter that the boys will be heading back to London in July to record the new Backstreet Boys album. nickcarter: A little birdie told me that @backstreetboys will be recording a new album in London for a couple weeks… Spread the word! He also commented on the MTV poll where he mentioned […]

Mar 16, 12   Emilia   Comments Off on Howie Talks About New BSB Album

Last month Howie along with Joey McIntyre did a interview with Digital Spy. Howie discusses a bit about the new album. Howie also recently posted on twitter that he was in LA. So this must mean soon they’ll start working on the new album! Howie – how is the new Backstreet Boys album coming along? […]

Nov 15, 11   Emilia   Comments Off on Backstreet Boys to Record New Album

While Nick was in Nagoya, Japan during soundcheck he mentioned the upcoming Backstreet Boys album. Nick said they would start recording the new album in February-March. Thanks to Jun on twitter for the info. Update: Howie announced in his Ustream chat today that they’ll work on the album January-February.

Jul 19, 11   Emilia   Comments Off on New BSB Album in the Works

In a recent interview with Artist Direct AJ talks a bit about the new BSB album that they will work on after the NKOTBSB tour. What’s next for you in terms of new music? We’ve taken a couple of meetings with some different producers. We’re gearing up to go back in the studio in the […]

Oct 01, 10   Emilia   Comments Off on BSB Back in the Studios with Toby Gad

The Backstreet Boys are back in the studios as of today to work on their brand new album and have twittered the following. We are all going to be together today in the studio with @tobygad. You guys excited for new music? 11 mins ago via ÜberTwitter Toby Gad had previously worked with Nick back in […]

May 28, 10   Emilia   Comments Off on AJ Says New Surprises For New BSB Album

AJ did a interview with Sun Herald in Biloxi and talked a bit about the next album. What’s next for the Backstreet Boys? Another album? We are going back into the studio in September to work on the next record and we have some pretty big surprises for that — which we can’t talk about […]

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