The new single Show ‘Em (What You’re Made Of) is one of the videos you can vote for on Vh1’s Top 20 Countdown. The countdown will air Saturday at 9am on VH1.

To vote you can do so on their website. You can vote more than once.

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Backstreet Boys are up for Best Live Peformer at Popcrush Fan Choice Awards this year. It’s the only award they are nominated for. Right now they’re second so far.

You can vote at Voting ends on February 11 at 10am ET.

Update: the Boys are also nominated for Biggest Music Comeback! To vote visit click here!

Share this Share on FacebookTweet about this on Twitter made a list of what flavor of ice cream boy band members would be. Here’s what they listed for BSB.

Nick Carter: Triple Chocolate. A runaway train of hedonism that barrels so fast towards your pleasure zones that you don’t mind if it derails.

AJ McLean: Rocky Road. The disparate ingredients at play here probably shouldn’t work together – it’s all too much – but, impossibly, they do.

Howie Dorough: Cotton Candy. Friendly. Unthreatening. You would hug it, if you could.

Kevin Richardson: Snickers. Gritty and hard-bitten. The choice of mature palates with plenty of experience. Not just for teenyboppers.

Brian Littrell: Mint Chocolate Chip. An old favorite. Just a tad underrated, but can provoke a smile with even the slightest memory.

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Nick’s birthday is coming up later this month and this year I want to do a project where everyone can submit messages that will be put together for him. Once it’s Nick’s birthday I’ll have it posted here for everyone to see.

Submit: a message no longer than five or six sentences. It will be posted onto a graphic. You can write whatever you want on your message. I will not except any rude or vulgar messages. Don’t forget to include your name on your message. You may also include your twitter name.

Graphic size: If you want to design your own graphic please make sure it’s at least 1000px. In high quality, not blurry and readable. You can include anything you’d like on the graphic. Even photos. If your graphic is smaller than the size I listed I will accept it as long as it’s HQ and readable.

Deadline: you have until January 19th. That way it gives me some time to make graphics and put it all together possibly by video.

Send your messages and/or graphics to

Let others know of this project as well. I’m hoping to get many messages and graphics for this.

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Backstreet Boys performed live at Star 94 Atlanta’s Jingle Jam on December 17, 2013. View photos at the gallery.

Thanks to Avril Lavigne and BSB on twitter and for the first 3 HQs.

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BSB posted a video on instagram with all the memories of 2013.

What. A. Year. 20 years later and the emotions are exactly the same. Saying thank you never really feels like it’s enough, but we’re going to continue to say it 😉 Thank you for taking this journey with us. Thank you for your endless love and support. Thank you for being friends we can always rely on. We can’t wait to bring you more BSB in 2014.

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During promo in Germany the Boys filmed a performance for RTL Ultimative Chartshow. The show aired on December 27.

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Backstreet Boys were apart of Christmas in Washington special on December 20th. We now have good quality video! Many thanks to Susie at Whodamaninc.

Part 1 – Christmas Time, It’s Christmas Time Again Medley

Part 2 – President’s speech (boys are seen behind him), plus they sing along with all the other guests.

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Celebuzz recently interviewed Nick and asked what his plans were for Christmas.

Where are you going for Christmas?

“I’m going back to Tennessee where I spend the holidays most of the time. I’ll be hanging with my fiancée [Lauren Kitt] watching A Charlie Brown Christmas and eating tamales. Lauren is part Mexican, so I’m getting introduced to some new traditions,” The Backstreet Boy told CB!

What’s your fondest memory of the holidays?

“I have always had great memories during Christmas. One in particular was when I was on tour in Europe with the guys and l came home and brought some gifts for my siblings. I decided to play Santa and set it up so that in the morning, when they woke, they would see footprints coming from the chimney leading to the tree. They were so young at the time and they absolutely loved it. I even think I set up some cookies that were half eaten. It was perfect.”

What was your best New Year’s Eve?

“We spent one New Years with the guys from New Kids On the Block in New York. If was right after we did the performance kicking off the New Year. We went to this little pub on a side street and Donnie [Wahlberg] introduced us to a particular drink that’s said to have originated in Boston that sounded horrible, but tasted pretty good,” he said. “It was a Jameson and pickle juice. Put it this way, we had a really great night. It was a great way to kick off our relationship with those guys. Soon after, we were hitting the road for our NKOTBSB tour and the rest was history.”

Source: Celebuzz

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Hey everyone I normally don’t blog here but I wanted to write some of my favorite memories with BSB from their 20th anniversary and share with everyone and especially for Nick and the other boys.

This year we knew it was going to be great. New album, new tour, the 20th anniversary, the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, cruise and more! It all started with their 20th anniversary. I was able to celebrate the boys anniversary with them in LA and see the boys have their name placed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! I never thought I would get to do this. The anniversary event was the first time I had met Nick since joining his team last year. Before this in his chat back in April Nick had thanked me for the support and said he loved me. I wasn’t expecting that or even my question in his chat to be chosen. When the anniversary fan celebration happened Nick was so nice to me and hugging me twice. The boys looked really happy that night. I wish I could have said more to Nick. Meet and greets are so short!

The new album In A World Like This was finally released in the summer and worth the wait. The album is one of my favorites. I was happy they had released Madeleine because when they played it at the fan celebration I loved it. As a fan who has been bullied online for 4 years on and off staring in 2003 I could relate to the song in many ways. Then the tour happened and I couldn’t attend because there wasn’t any show in my city. Still hoping for a show in Pittsburgh next summer. But I was glad to get a letter to him that I had written that a friend of mine gave him during the tour. It meant a lot to me.

Getting to see the boys at the ‘O Starry Night holiday a few weeks ago was fun. Especially to hear the new songs. They were the headliners and every time their name was mentioned they had the most cheers. I had third row and a really great view. At one point I tried to get Nick’s attention during a song as he was standing in my direction and he noticed me after I had pointed to him. He looked at me and pointed right back at me. The show was a great way to end the year for me. Last week Nick was replying to fans on twitter and I thought I’d try. I let him know I tried to see meet him at the show. He answered and said he hopes to see me soon. Thank you boys for a great year and all the memories. Thank you Nick for everything this year. Hope to see you soon too! Hope 2014 is just as good!

This year it was also great meeting some of my friends I’ve made online in person while we were in LA. I had a blast and was glad I got to do this. Thanks to all my girls forthe awesome time. Hope to meet up again soon! Thanks to all the other fans who continue to visit my sites on the boys and the nearly 5,000 followers on twitter. Happy Holidays to everyone and have a Happy New Year!

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