Jan 12
Emilia Fan Projects

Nick’s 32nd birthday is coming up in a few weeks and we’re doing a birthday project with messages and graphics.

The Birthday project:

Write a message for Nick for his birthday. You can write anything you’d like but don’t make it so long. Don’t forget to write your name if you don’t then it won’t be accepted. Last time around had a few without anyone’s name so we couldn’t use them. If you would like to write your twitter name as well that’s fine.

Last year for those who don’t know what we did is I made two graphics with messages from fans all around the world. If you’re good at making graphics and would like submit your own instead I’ll accept that too. Keep in mind nothing explict and make sure your message to Nick is readable when making graphics.

Deadline: January 20th. Email your birthday messages to us if you’re just doing a graphic you can either email it or send it to me on twitter.