Jan 15
Emilia Fan Projects

Tomorrow is Nick’s 35th birthday and I’ll be posting our project then, but several of you asked about taking part of the project even if you didn’t meet Nick. Here’s what I got planned for everyone to take part tomorrow.

Since the birthday project is our way to thank Nick for all the events and meet & greets he did last year I decided to include a hashtag to the mix. We want to get Nick trending on Twitter with #ThankYouNick. Did you met him? You can thank him for that. Did his music inspire you or helped you in anyway? You can thank him for that. You can thank Nick for anything you want just remember to use the #ThankYouNick hashtag. There’s no set time that we want to start this you start whenever tomorrow. Don’t just type #ThankYouNick we want him to see that you actually have something to thank him for.

Also, don’t over due it. Last week when Nick was on his twitter replying to fans many had their account suspended for spamming him. Tweeting him the same thing many times over and over. We wouldn’t want that to happen. Several tweets throughout the day should be fine in avoiding this.

Don’t forget to let other fans know about the hashtag for tomorrow!

P.S. My friend Sara has her own Nick bday project called #NicksGiving. Check it out on her site! It’s an awesome idea!