Sep 15

Nick did a Periscope live feed today and he talked about various things going on. For those who had issues viewing the video it’s still available on his Periscope. Click here. If you should still have problems the video was uploaded on Youtube. Click here. Here’s some updates on Dancing with the Stars, his solo album and his movie Dead 7.

Dancing with the Stars – He says he loves the show Downton Abbey (the TV show theme he’ll dance to) and that people were surprised that he said he actually watches the show all the time. His dance for tonight will be the Viennese Waltz.

His solo album “All American” he said it might be released world wide at the same time now. Previously Nick has mentioned it being released in Japan first. He also said that he may tour in January/February for the album. Nothing’s confirmed at the moment.

In regards to his movie Dead 7 Nick said that it will be released in April of next year.