Oct 15
Emilia News, Solo Album

During his Twitter chat on iHeartRadio’s Twitter Nick announced that he has a collaboration with Avril Lavigne on his new album “All American”. Nick also talked about the song to iHeartRadio. The song is called “Get Over Me”.

“I talked to Avril about doing a collab together, and we became friends — we were on tour together with the Backstreet Boys. She was into the idea, and she really liked it. She liked the song that I had written, and she put her vocals on the song, and it was really cool.”

“It’s a really fun play on a couple. It’s like a crazy stalker guy, but then I’m calling her a crazy stalker girl. And we’re saying, ‘You need to get over me,’ and then she’s like, ‘No, you need to get over me.’ We’re giving our own stories of the situation that had gone down in the song.”

Source: iHeart.com