Nov 15
Emilia News, Solo Album

Nick’s new album “All American” which will be released November 25 is now available for pre-order on his official site. There are two options for pre-orders. One includes the album and a poster. 500 lucky fans will get the post signed. Or you can just purchase the album. If you pre-order by November 24 at 5pm PT you’ll be sent a link (which will be posted on your Fan Club account) to download the digital version at midnight.

Visit NickCarter.net to pre-order Nick’s album now. Over on Nick’s Facebook it was stated that if you want the physical copy of the album (CD version) you will have to buy it off his website only. For the digital copy only you can also buy it on Amazon.com there are clips of the album that you can listen to.

1. 19 in 99
2. Get Over Me
3. California
4. Second Wind
5. Swet
6. Cherry Pie
7. Tijuana
8. All American
9. Man on the Moon
10. Horoscope
11. I Will Wait