Mar 16
Emilia Dead 7, News

As Dead 7 gets ready to see its premiere this Friday on Syfy in the US fans are wondering when they can see the movie in their country. Well, so far we only know of the following countries airing the movie in the next few months.

SyFy Australia – April 13 confirmed by SyFy Australia on Twitter.
SyFy Asia – May 1 confirmed by SyFy Asia on Twitter.
SyFy UK – May 3 confirmed by SyFy UK on Twitter.
SyFy Brazil – May 7 confirmed by E! Online. Dead 7 will premiere on SyFy Latin America on this same day.
SyFy France – June 2 confirmed by SyFy France on their website.
SyFy Spain – June 17 confirmed by SyFy Spain on Twitter.
SyFy Germany – June 23 confirmed by SyFy Germany on Twitter

Not everyone gets SyFy in their country but if it is available in your country check their Twitter page for details on when Dead 7 will air in your country. You can also check Kaos Online on Twitter or right back here. I’ll update once we hear more release dates for the movie in other countries.