Mar 16
Emilia Dead 7, News

Former boy banders Nick Carter and Chris Kirkpatrick say they were happy to record a theme song for their small-screen zombie Western Dead 7.

Carter wrote and produced the Syfy mashup movie, and starred in it alongside many of his recording-artist friends, such as his fellow Backstreet Boys Howie Dorough and A.J. McLean; Kirkpatrick and his NSYNC bandmate Joey Fatone; Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees and Erik-Michael Estrada of O-Town.

The song “In the End” — featuring all of their vocals — can be heard playing over the film’s final credits.

“It was just fitting. Thankfully, our cast is all musicians, so we can do that, so we felt that it would just be fitting to have something,” Carter told UPI about the song in a phone interview Tuesday. “One of my favorite movies ever, Young Guns, which was a little bit of an inspiration for this movie as well, they had the title track with Bon Jovi. I remember from the beginning, I am like, ‘We have to have a song like ‘Dead or Alive,’ our own version.”

Source: UPI.com. Visit the site to read what Chris Kirkpatrick said about recording the song.