Sep 16
Emilia News

Recently Florida Georgia spoke with Billboard about their latest album and discussed about their collaboration with Backstreet Boys God, Your Mama, and Me.

You got to have Backstreet Boys on the album — many a millennials’ fantasy. What was that like working with them?

BK: It was great. We actually didn’t get to work in the studio with them on the recording process, but overall the guys are amazing — we look forward to doing a lot more stuff with them. My first concert was Backstreet Boys, one of my first CDs was Backstreet Boys. With the other collaborations on the record, we’ve obviously grown up being big fans of Tim McGraw, and listening to a lot of reggae music [Ziggy Marley is on Dig Your Roots]. It was very surreal to have those iconic artists on this record.

Source: Billboard.com