Dec 16
Emilia Fan Projects

Over the years the Boys, for many of us, have been there for us through their music whether they knew it or not. Not many fans are able to tell Nick or any of the Boys just how much their music, etc has helped them over the years, unlike I have been able to in the past few years. So, with that in mind, I decided to start a project for Nick’s birthday in January allowing you to do just that.

Submit a message (nothing too long) to thank Nick for anything you want. You can tell him how much he’s inspired you or has helped you during tough times, whether it was through his book, his music, etc. If it’s something too personal and you don’t want others to read it you don’t have to submit it. Did Nick visit your city on his All American tour and you met him? You can write about that as well. Anything you’d like tell Nick is fine and don’t forget to wish him a Happy Birthday. Also, include your name and Twitter (if you have an account). Do not submit anything vulgar as I will not except that.

The following is optional. If you met Nick during his All American tour this year and would like to include your meet and greet photo you can. Just head over to Nick’s website NickCarter.net/media/photos, find your VIP photo (from his show or lunch event) and send me the link to it. That way I can use a high quality photo for the project. In the past I’ve had people submit small or low quality photos that’s not easy to work with. For anyone who didn’t meet Nick during his tour, but have done a meet and greet with him in the past few years you can send that photo as well. Just find your photo on Nick’s website and include the link to it. Should you have a photo taken with Nick that’s not on his website you can send that as well. Just make sure it’s in good quality.

Submit a email to emilia@kaos-online.net with the subject Birthday Project 2017. I will reply letting you know I recieved your message.

Deadline for the messages is January 20th. Please note this may change depending on how much time I need to put everything together. 🙂