Feb 17
Emilia Fan Stories

Over the last few years you may have seen interviews by Clizbeats.com posted here and at Nick’s official site. During the project for Nick’s birthday one of the messages I received was from Craig one of the owners of Clizbeats. Craig talked about just how much Nick has made an impact in his life over the years and wanted to share his story with all of the fans. Thank you Craig for sharing your story with us!

Nick has had a very remarkable impact on my life since we first connected in 2011.

You may remember that my brother Matt Clizbe and I have produced a series of interviews with Nick over the years. The biggest of those was the first one “The Nick Carter Story: How The Youngest Backstreet Boy Became A Man.” That interview was a milestone for many reasons.

Back in 2000 when I was the music director of my high school radio station, Jive Records was one of the first promotion teams to work with me, when the Backstreet Boys were one of the biggest groups in the world. At that time I was a teenager hoping one day to have the opportunity to talk to someone like Nick in an official interview. The years would go by and my brother I went from Deejaying on the radio in high school, to playing parties and weddings, and finally creating Clizbeats.com.

It was created as a platform for my brother and I to use our extensive knowledge of the music industry to overcome our shared disability of Cerebral Palsy. (We are two of triplets born prematurely). We started interviewing indie artists, and then graduated to big names that were then just new comers making a name for themselves with their breakthrough projects on the major labels. As the years past and our relationships developed and I noticed Nick had a second solo album in Japan. (“I’m Taking Off”) I thought since he was looking so happy and healthy that it would be a good opportunity to possibly put together that Backstreet Boys project that I always wanted to do, but do it from Nick’s perspective, while also showing his new outlook on life. Fast forward a few steps, mutual friends put us in touch with Nick’s manager and she loved the concept. For the first time ever a major celebrity agreed to tell us his entire story of triumphs and struggles after he had already become one of the biggest stars in Pop music. This was exciting. The day came and Nick had some free time, so without much warning we prepared to get a call within the hour to discuss the entire life story of a Backstreet Boy. I was very excited, but admittedly a bit nervous at the same time. However, whatever nervousness I was feeling at the beginning of recording was put at ease only minutes into the conversation. A lot of the Backstreet army heard the detail captured in that first interview as it was cross promoted on Backstreetboys.com and Nickcarter.net. But what many do not know is how open Nick was to help us capture some very honest moments. The final edit of that project ended up being a little over 30 minutes. But I am writing this to tell you that Nick went above and beyond to help us achieve our goal in creating a deep project. It was put together with two separate phone calls, and the first one being over three hours long. I have interviewed several celebrities throughout my career and he is still the only one to ever spend that much time with us on the phone. I am still proud of how it turned out and look back at it as a project that helped me grow as content creator.

Ever since then, Nick has continued to go out of his way to show us kindness. He has introduced us to all the other Backstreet Boys over the years, and has always made an effort to stay in touch and show us support. One of the things that I have noticed about whenever we would publish an interview, or an article is how genuinely thankful he is every time. I would always get a “Thank You so much” from him no matter what. He is always so full of energy even with the smallest things. That attitude carried over on Twitter and when he was introducing us to his band mates or anyone he works with. As a result the Backstreet Boys’ team has embraced us in a very special way that has helped make our experience with them unlike any other before it. I am incredibly thankful for the energy he has put into my life. There are so many people that know Nick Carter the troubled teen star in the tabloids, but not as many people know the person I have gotten to know over the years. He has such a big heart and has always treated us with respect, and given us friendship that I am grateful for. He has proven to be a positive influence on me, my brother Matt and others we know by just showing his genuine character. I have since gone on to record other similar career spanning long form interviews with others like Jordan Knight from New Kids On The Block, and Lance Bass from *NSYNC. But I know those opportunities would not have happened the same way if Nick had not been so gracious with his time.
Thank you for everything you have done for Clizbeats.com Nick, We love you my friend! Keep making us proud!


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