Apr 17

Nick spoke with Glamour after Monday’s Dancing with Stars and here’s what he had to say about retunring the show and who would be in the finals.

And finally, it was a homecoming for Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, who filled in for judge Julianne Hough this week. “I was nervous because I had never done that before,” he told me backstage. “I would rather judge than be judged though!”

“I love this show,” Nick continued. “It’s something that, for me, coming back here is like being back home. I felt welcomed. Once you go through it, you become a part of this family.” And speaking of family, how are things at home now that Nick’s son, Odin (with wife Lauren), just turned one? “Fatherhood is great. My wife and I moved to Vegas because of [The Backstreet Boys] residency. I’ve been able to come home after the shows and spend the days there just as a normal dad, playing with him, reading to him. It’s a lot of work juggling [fatherhood and the residency], but I’ve substituted him with things I used to do, and it’s a joy.”

Source: Glamour.com