May 17

Backstreet Boys performed at Channel 993’s Summer Kick Off concert in San Diego on May 12th and there was an announcement made in regards to their Las Vegas residency. Howie mentioned to see the guys during their Vegas residency in June and November. In various interviews this year there were mentions of doing more shows in Vegas, but no word on when exactly. Nothing is confirmed as of yet for November or if it will indeed happen. Howie also mentioned they’d be in Vegas for the next two years as well. You can watch Howie make the announcement in the Boys Facebook Live video. It’s around 7:50. CLICK HERE to watch. You can also watch other videos from the Summer Kick Off concert on their Facebook page.

It seems that Howie may have made the announcement a bit early as there are no further details. Once we there is confirmed dates or any other details on Vegas they’ll be posted here and as always check BackstreetBoys.com for official news.

UPDATE: Brian posted the following in a comment on a instagram post in regards to November, future Vegas dates and touring for next year. You can see a screen shot of his post here.

Don’t believe everything you hear……. we plan to be back in Nov if all works out…. and then back and forth from touring and Vegas throughout 2018 and so on…. planning is everything…..