Jul 17
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Quebec City showed up for the Backstreet Boys! Around 100,000 people or so attended the Festival d’ete de Quebec at the Plaines d’Abraham to see the Boys perform. One of the biggest crowds the guys have performed for. Even Nick during his Instagram LIVE described it saying “this is insane”. You can see BSB, Nick and Howie’s Instagram Live videos on youtube thanks to BSBGermany. Nick Jonas also performed at the show and stuck around to watch the Boys perform. Check out the video from his Instagram Stories here. The guys performed a majority of their Vegas residency set.

1. Larger Than Life 2. The One 3. Get Down 4. Drowning 5. Incomplete 6. Quit Play Games (With My Heart) 7. Show Me The Meaning (of Being Lonely) 8. I’ll Never Break Your Heart 9. Anywhere For You/Darlin’/Undone Medley 10. As Long As You Love Me 11. The Call 12. We’ve Got It Going On 13. Get Another Boyfriend 14. More Than That 15. All I Have To Give 16. Shape Of My Heart 17. I Want It That Way Encore 18. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

To get an idea of how HUGE the crowd was Kevin shared the following photo.

There is a lot of press in regards to their performance. Festival d’ete de Quebec shared this video with highlights from the show.

Le Soleil also shared highlights from the show.

Many photos have been posted as well. Check them out at the sites below.
LaPresse.ca – Includes a review in French.

After Party reveiw (in French), a few photos and some clips are at JournaldeQuebec.com.