Aug 17
Emilia BSB Album, News

Backstreet Boys are working on a new album and after the Boy Band finale AJ and Howie spoke about the album, collaborations plus more with Entertainment Tonight.

As they get to work on their 10th album, the Backstreet Boys are revealing that they’re calling on some of music’s biggest names for possible collaborations!

“We’re reaching out to people who we were always inspired by or who may have been fans and we didn’t even know,” AJ McLean shares with ET. “We’ve all made friends with different people. Nick’s been talking to Steve Aoki, Howie talked to Zedd, who’s been a big, big fan [and] Diplo, we’ve also talked to. We’ve also done stuff with The Chainsmokers and those guys are amazing and out in Vegas with a residency as well, so who knows.”

The quintet, who appears on CMT Crossroads with Florida Georgia Line on Aug. 30, has also been in discussions with mega-producer Timbaland, who joined them in the studio earlier this month. The session stemmed from the hitmaker serving as a Boy Band architect alongside Nick Carter, who describes the GRAMMY winner as an “incredible human” whom they would love to work with.

“We’re talking with a bunch of producers and seeing what makes the most sense and this made a lot of sense since Nick’s been working with [Timbaland] on Boy Band,” Howie Dorough says. “We’re all huge fans of him and we’ve never had a chance to work together, so we were just talking and vibing to see if it might make sense to [record] together.”

“He said he’s pretty much worked with everybody except us and was like, ‘I’m not sure how that fell through the cracks,’” adds McLean. “I told him, ‘Dude, it’s overdue!’”

While the group has been tearing up the country charts with their Florida Georgia Line collaboration, “God, Your Mama, and Me,” and have now turned their eyes to Timbaland and various EDM stars, McLean is confident their upcoming record won’t steer away from BSB’s signature sound.

“I can definitely say with complete faith that this album’s going to go back to what’s true about the group — great melodies, great songs, great harmony,” McLean says. “I don’t think we’re going to try to go outside of who we are. This has been working, so let’s stick to what we know!”

Having signed a new contract with RCA Records — following the independent release of their previous album, In a World Like This — McLean added that having “one captain as opposed to five,” has been a blessing and helped smooth the record-making journey.

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