Oct 17

Backstreet Boys Larger Than Life Las Vegas residency starts back up in November for six shows and while we wait for that, here are some details on just how well the first round of shows have done. The information is from Billboard Boxscore.

The first and second number listed next to each month is the attendance and total capacity. The last number is the gross sales. Many shows were close to selling out based on the difference between the attendance and the capacity.

March 42,000 / 44,112 – $5,399,176 No sold out shows.
April 34,116 / 38,267 – $4,678,081 Four out of the eight shows sold out.
June 15-24th 32,141 / 32,553 – $4,308,767 No sold out shows.
June 28-July 1 15,985 / 16,225 – $2,138,622 Two out of three shows sold out.