Jan 18
Emilia Fan Projects

Backstreet Boys 25th anniversary is just a little over 3 months away and since starting the project many of you have contributed to over $3000! To help with donations of the 25th anniversary project (details of the project can be read here) we’re doing some new.

Make sure to follow the BSB25Project on Instagram to get all the latest info on the project. The following was announced on the Instagram page earlier today in regards what we’ll be doing for the new project. If you have any questions in regards to this feel free to leave a comment on the post in regards to this on Instagram.

From now until Mid-February, we will be posting Backstreet Boys items that can be yours and it will all go back to benefit #BSB25Project! How is this going to work? Glad you asked!

We will be posting a photo of items up for grabs randomly throughout the next few months. Make sure you’re following us on Instagram, and @WHOTheBckstreet, @BSBFangirls, @KaosOnline, and @TheDarkSideBSB for notifications about WHEN items are about to be posted.

Once an item is posted, you will have 24 hours to donate to #BSB25Project for a chance to win!

With each item posted, we will post with it a minimum donation “bid” and a code word to post in the comments with your donation to be entered to win. For example, we could post a Backstreet Boys shirt and say minimum donation to be entered to win this shirt is $15 and you must post the phrase “BSB 25” in the comments. You will need to leave the best way to contact you as well (email, IG handle, or Twitter handle).

After 24 hours, we will randomly draw a name to win the item.

For some larger items, we might have a “flash sale” (first to claim, first to donate, etc.) – keep an eye out!