Jan 18
Emilia BSB Album, News

The Backstreet Boys have been pretty quiet about who they’re working with on their upcoming album which is set to be released this year. Other than Timbaland and Steve Aoki we haven’t heard about anyone else.

According to Forbes the LA-based production and writing team The Stereotypes worked on a few upcoming projects including working with Backstreet Boys on their new album. In case you don’t know who they are The Stereotypes recently won Song of the Year for Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like” at the Grammys and worked on other songs on Bruno Mars’ most recent album. They were also nominated for Producers of the Year.

The info was mentioned in this article on Forbes.com.

Also, if you saw Nick’s Instagram live stream on January 28th he mentioned the new album. Nick said they’re almost done recording and thinks they might have a couple of singles to choose from soon! Nick posted his Instagram live stream over on his Facebook page.