Mar 18
Emilia News

For almost a month now photos have emerged from various Funko fan accounts around social media indicating that Funko is set to release various Backstreet Boys Pops and Dorbz. For those who don’t know Funko is a company that makes various pop culture related collector vinyl figures and more. You can see these at funko.com. According to some accounts Barnes & Noble has listed seven music videos on their system with a release date of June 15. These are likely to include each of the guys from the videos made into pops or dorbz figures. Just last week a couple of posts on Instagram indicated that these may possibly be available at the San Diego Comic Con this July. While we do know which videos will have pops and dorbz of the guys it’s uncertain if they’ll be released as a set or individually. Once there’s more concrete information I’ll update!

These are the videos that will be made into pops and dorbz.

Dorbz: Larger Than Life and The One
Pops: Drowning, Everybody, I Want It That Way, I’ll Never Break Your Heart and Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)

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