Mar 18
Emilia Fan Projects

As mentioned back in January the BSB 25 Project reached its goal in the amount needed for the Billboard ad. Thanks to Sara for updating on what’s happening with the funds raised and when we’ll see the ad in Billboard magazine. You can read the full update on her site.

The ad will be included in the April 21st issue of Billboard. Those in the US you can buy the magazine in stores. For Canadian fans some have mentioned that Billboard magazine is available at a store called Chapters. Billboard will also have the issue available for purchase on their online store (a link will be posted next month). You can also view the magazine through their app. Once there is more information on how to purchase the magazine when it has been released I’ll be sure to update everyone on this.

For those wondering about adding names of those who donated to the ad. Since so many helped with the ad in other ways by donating items and sharing posts there wasn’t a way to keep track of everyone. Also, there’s not a lot of space to add everyone to the ad. So instead #BSB25Project will be added to the ad. That way anyone can search the hashtag (BSB, fans etc) to see everything we’ve done for the project. On April 21st use the hashtag to share photos of your copy of the magazine and more!