Mar 18
Emilia Fan Projects

The Backstreet Boys 25th anniversary is just less than one month away! On April 20th we’ll be using the hashtag #BSB25 to celebrate. Use the hashtag to share memories, messages, photos, videos etc to celebrate their anniversary. Also, use it so we can try to get them trending on Twitter as well.

In addition to celebrating the anniversary on April 20th there’s a project/idea for the Boys upcoming cruise on May 3. If you’re attending the cruise here’s what Sara at What Happens on the Backstreet has come up with.

  • Make a heart shaped paper (preferably one you can hold with one hand that won’t block anyone’s view too terribly – think legal size paper)
  • Put 25 on the heart is BOLD LETTERS
  • Decorate the heart to represent where you’re from – be creative and snazzy (or don’t)
  • Our thought is to hold them up as soon as they’re on stage for the Sail Away party, but this might change — we’ll keep you posted. That’s the plan for now.

For anyone not attending the cruise you can participate in this well! On May 3rd you can tweet your photos of your hearts using the #BSB25Hearts hashtag. I’ll likely be helping with this and retweet/quote some of your tweets. As well as posting any updates from the cruise that day before cruise the takes off.

Should any details from the project change I’ll update this very post.