Mar 18
Emilia BSB Album, News

Song writer Nat Dunn – who is part of Australian house duo NAATIONS recently spoke with TheMusicNetwork.com about the Backstreet Boys recording one of her songs for their new album.

What are you working on at the moment? What are you excited about for this year?

A lot of NAATIONS music is coming out – videos, live show and some more collaborations. With writing, I’ve still been working with Anne Marie, a little bit of stuff with Rudimental and the Backstreet Boys just cut a record.

How did the Backstreet Boys song come about?

It was a spin out for me. It was a song that was written with another artist in mind, but the label RCA, they heard it and they were like ‘well, we’d like them to sing it’, and they played it to the Backstreet Boys, and they all loved it and they said they wanted to get in the studio and do it.

I was in London at the time, so I couldn’t be in the session to help them produce it but my friend and one of my favourite collaborators that I work with a lot now, Ferras, he vocal produced it and we just checked in on the phone together.

We were talking about who would be singing the bridge and who would be doing, which guy should sing which part… and I remember thinking, this is so weird choosing whether Howie or A.J. or Brian would sing the first verse. It was funny.

Meanwhile, with List.co.uk Nat Dunn spoke about the song they worked on and that it was going to be first single from their upcoming album, but that changed.

Nat also recently recorded a song which is hopefully going to be on the new Backstreet Boys record.

Speaking about the song for the 90s boyband – comprised AJ McLean, Howie D., Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell – she said: “It was going to be their first single but apparently it’s now going to be their second single. “You never know – it changes all the time with labels. If it ever comes out at all…”

Asked if it is a departure from their boyband era, she said: “It’s definitely quite fresh for them, it definitely works for a boyband though.”