Apr 18
Emilia Fan Projects

Many fans are wondering where and how they can buy their own copy of Billboard Magazine that will feature the 25th anniversary ad that many fans helped fund. For those of you in the US the magazine should be available in many bookstores, newstands or any other store that sells magazines. The magazine may already be available. If not you’ll have to check Monday. You can also purchase the magazine online at shop.billboard.com. On April 21st if you find a copy of the magazine tweet using the hashtag #BSB25Project with a photo of the magazine.

For fans in other countries who would like to get their own copy of the magazine, but cannot afford to purchase through Billboard directly due to shipping costs you can still order a copy online. Newsstand.co.uk sells Billboard magazine through their website and ships worldwide.

Donations continued to be made after the goal was reached and $800 was donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital in the Boys name. You can read more about the donation made on and see the message sent with this at What Happens on the Backstreet.

Backstreet Boys tweeted about the project earlier. Click the tweet to see the ad.

Thank you to all the fans who donated, shared posts, auctioned off items and so on to help raise money for the Billboard ad. It’s a wonderful feeling to see when fans come together to achieve something like this.

UPDATE: A fan in Israel gave the guys a framed copy of the ad during meet and meet on April 22, 2018! The boys loved the ad. Kevin was touched, Nick was blown away and AJ was thrilled that he knew about it before. Thanks to Yael for doing this. You can see her photo with the guys holding the ad on Twitter.