May 18
Emilia News

Billboard recently made a list of the 100 greatest boy band songs and have also made lists with the top 10 best songs by grown-up boy bands. They chose a “Permanent Stain” a track from their 2013 album “In A World Like This”. The other boy band songs are listed at Billboard.com.

Despite being released in 2013, “Permanent Stain” sounds nearly as ’90s-stamped as most of Backstreet’s actual hits from that decade — the zooming synths, chiming bells and relentless vocals of the chorus give it a Eurodance throwback feel that hasn’t been in vogue in the States in decades. However, despite their music being masterminded by Scandanavian writer-producers in their early days, the Boys never actually sounded like this in their own time, making “Permanent Stain” a fascinating flashback to a sort of alternate-timeline BSB where they took their cues more from 2 Unlimited than Boyz II Men.

In another article they talk about the top 10 greatest boy band videoes of the TRL era. Three videos were chosen for this list. You can read the rest of the list at Billboard.com.

10. Backstreet Boys, “Shape of My Heart”

The Backstreet Boys became Backstreet Men here: The simple, straightforward “Shape of My Heart” video was a huge TRL hit for BSB, and finds them stripping away the pretense of their gaudier Millennium visuals. The scene is… an acting audition? The boys are singing while… holding scripts? It doesn’t matter, really. With a washed-out filter, the guys establish the most potent blue period since Picasso, and charge into capital-m Maturity with full force.

4. Backstreet Boys, “I Want It That Way”

Where were you the first time you watched that initial “Tell me why!,” as the camera cuts to Nick Carter looking pensive in all-white, removed from the Backstreet Boys’ hangar and ready to drop some gentle vocals near the baggage claim? What were you thinking the first time you saw AJ McLean lean in with his fedora and ask if he was your fire? What rushed through your mind when you gazed upon the “KISSES FOR KEVIN” poster in the crowd during the grand finale? The iconic “I Want It That Way” video provides more questions than answers, as we reflect on that initial rush near two decades later.

1. Backstreet Boys, “Larger Than Life”

The year is 1999. Backstreet Boys just dropped their biggest hit to date, “I Want It That Way,” with a video that became the most essential of their career. How do they follow it up? By spending all the money in the freaking world, of course. The video for “Larger Than Life” cost $2.1 million, and it certainly looks like it did: gyrating robots, space-surfing, zero-gravity dance moves and a particularly clunky-looking spaceship are all on display, and the boys tear it up in their green-screen habitats.

Like most big-budget sequels, the “Larger Than Life” video threw money at a problem; unlike most big-budget sequels, the tactic paid off in spades. It’s the boy band video that represents the excesses and cheesy goodness of the turn-of-the-century pop boom most effectively. “I Want It That Way” may have laid the groundwork, but the “Larger Than Life” video evokes the bigger gasp.