Jun 18
Emilia News

Backstreet Boys were at Florida Georgia Line’s FGL House on June 9th to celebrate Florida Georgia Line hiting #1 on the charts with a few of their songs. Including “God, Your Mama, and Me” which features Backstreet Boys. OneCountry.com posted a review of the event.

Ahead of the No. 1 party at FGL House in Downtown Nashville, One Country spoke with FGL, the Backstreet Boys and Bebe to learn the evolution of their collaborations. It was only fitting that their multiple No. 1 party was held during CMA Fest, as that’s where FGL’s Brian and Tyler first met Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys two years ago. The three men kept in touch and formed a friendship, and BK and Tyler eventually decided to send “God, Your Mama and Me” to the boy band.

“I’ll never forget the first time I heard the song,” Nick recalls. “I think it was the CMA Awards when they played it for me. Tyler and BK, they said, ‘We got this new album coming out. There’s this song that we want you to hear and if you like it, we feel like it sounds like a Backstreet Boys record in a strange way.’ I found that ironic because obviously they’ve done some progressive country music in itself, but that they would even consider us.”

FGL later asked them to be on the track, convinced that their five-part harmonies would be the perfect addition to the song. AJ McLean says the final recording turned out better than they ever dreamed. “For it to go as high as it went, the highest it could possibly go to No. 1, blew us all away,” he marvels.

The Backstreet Boys further explain that they immediately related to the lyrics within “God, Your Mama and Me,” being husbands and fathers themselves. Kevin Richardson says the music video, which features their wives and kids, also serves as an “eternal memory” captured with their families.

“We’re all fathers. We’re all husbands. We’re all married and we’re all happy in our individual lives. To sing a song like ‘God, Your Mama and Me,’ it relates to us. The Backstreet Boys aren’t trying to be anything that we’re not,” Brian Littrell shares. “We’re music lovers. We’re fans of different genres. We’re not trying to force things, that’s not why we’re here.”

As appreciative as the Backstreet Boys were for their successful collaboration with FGL, the duo was equally grateful that the ’90s boy band agreed to assist on their track. Longtime fans of the Backstreet Boys, Tyler says he and BK were honored that the pop act was willing to sing on “God, Your Mama and Me,” adding that they aim to learn from each artist they work with.

“We love to learn from other artists. We also love to bring in artists that have had a huge influence on our music and our life. We grew up listening to George Strait and Backstreet Boys,” Tyler adds. “It’s cool to see them continue to be so relevant, so hot and so on fire. It’s such an honor to be able to do a song with them and to see their thankfulness as well. They’re so humbled and thankful to be a part of country music and be able to do a song with us and we feel the same way. It’s a cool mutual respect.”

A video from the event where the guys receieve a plaque for “God, Your Mama, and Me” was posted by Focus on the 615 on Instagram.