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On this day July 30, 2013 Backstreet Boys released their 8th studio album In A World Like This. This album had everything fun pop songs, songs that had meaning to them, a song that had a special meaning to anyone who has been a victim of bullying (whether online or in person) and of course […]

On April 29, 2012 Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block had a concert in London, England for their NKOTBSB tour. This show was live in over 400 theaters across Europe and streamed online worldwide. I’ve shared this before and wanted to share it again as this video is the best quality of the […]

In 1997 Backstreet Boys were huge in Europe before they ever made it big in the U.S. Here’s the Boys appearance on the German TV show Bravo Super Show. Where they sang We’ve Got It Going On, Anywhere For You, Get Down (You’re the One For Me), I’ll never Break Your Heart and Quit Playing […]

Back in April when I still had This Is Backstreet I shared media everyday leading up to the Backstreet Boys 22nd anniversary. I noticed this seemed to go well with many of the visitors that I decided to do something similar on this section of Kaos Online. Instead of just having this section mainly for […]