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NKOTBSB Live From London, England

On April 29, 2012 Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block had a concert in London, England for their NKOTBSB tour. This show was live in over 400 theaters across Europe and streamed online worldwide. I’ve shared this before and wanted to share it again as this video is the best quality of the show there is online. I’ve seen others on YouTube and this was the best. The video looks to be the same quality I remember watching this in. 720p HD.

The reason for sharing this again besides the quality is because during this show three big announcements were made by the Backstreet Boys. Kevin’s return to the group, recording of their In A World Like This album in London and AJ having a baby. Enjoy the concert and stay tuned for more classic media from over the years!

Bravo Super Show 1997

In 1997 Backstreet Boys were huge in Europe before they ever made it big in the U.S. Here’s the Boys appearance on the German TV show Bravo Super Show. Where they sang We’ve Got It Going On, Anywhere For You, Get Down (You’re the One For Me), I’ll never Break Your Heart and Quit Playing Games (With My Heart).

Classic Media

Back in April when I still had This Is Backstreet I shared media everyday leading up to the Backstreet Boys 22nd anniversary. I noticed this seemed to go well with many of the visitors that I decided to do something similar on this section of Kaos Online. Instead of just having this section mainly for facts on the Backstreet Boys history I’ll use it to highlight some classic appearances, concerts and so on. Give facts on them and obviously share the video. Most people like to stream video rather than download now days so I’ll be adding videos to watch onto this section of the site. This will either be a weekly thing or bi-weekly. I’m not sure on this just yet but stay tuned!

Backstreet Boys History and More

The new Backstreet Boys section on will provide fans a look into the groups history. Including their discography (albums sold, singles sold etc), biography, past tours, awards won and nominated for and so much more. Any future albums, tours and more will also be included here.

This section is a work in progress so check back soon for new updates. This is just the history portion of my previous site As that site is now closed and redirects to For more information on the closure of This is Backstreet visit Kaos Online.

I hope you will enjoy this new section here at Kaos Online.

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