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Feb 02, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on Nick’s Montreal Birthday Celebration

Partytonight.tv shared video of Nick’s party in Montreal on January 31 and they also interviewed him. You can watch here at the media vault. If you wish to download the video instead you can do so here.

Dec 12, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on Interview with Vancouver Sun

The article I posted yesterday from the Vancouver Sun also had a video as well. We have the video for download here. If you have problems downloading stop by at the community for alternate links. Thanks to Frackhead at LD for capturing. I converted the flv file to wmv.

Nov 16, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on Total Finale Live (TRL) Videos

I Want It That Way was number three of the all time TRL videos during the Total Finale Live countdown. The boys also performed the song and did a interview. Please credit Kaos-online.com when posting either videos elsewhere. Download I Want It That Way plus interview here. This also shows a bit of I Want It […]

Nov 04, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on Boys at Star Academy in Canada

The boys were apart of Star Academy in Canada on Monday. We have photos and media of their appearance. Thanks to phrg for the photos. Star Academy Update: Better quality of their appearance has been posted.  Download here. Also there’s a backstage video where Howie and Nick are being interviewed. Download here. Thanks to Dani at […]

Oct 30, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on MTV Interview Video

There is video of the MTV Interview that I posted a article of before. The video can be downloaded by going to the community for now.

Oct 28, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on Boys Suprise Appearance on TRL Today

Today Nick, AJ and Howie made a suprise visit to TRL for a few minutes towards the end of the show. They announced that they will be performing at the TRL Finale on November 16. I have the video of their appearance. Please credit Kaos-Online.com if you post elsewhere. DOWNLOAD HERE

Oct 22, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on BSB at World Series Game 1

The Backstreet Boys perform the National Anthem at Game 1 of the World Series. Please credit Kaos-online.com if you post elsewhere. Watch at the media vault Download here

Oct 21, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on Trailer For Nick’s Upcoming Movie Fast Glass

Here’s a new trailer for Nick’s upcoming movie Fast Glass. He shows up a couple times. This movie is not suitable for kids. There’s violence and curse words. You can watch it at youtube here.  Credit goes to avidwiz at youtube.

Oct 21, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on TRL Top 12 Times Square Moments

If you don’t know TRL in the US will be ending on November 16 at 8pm. So TRL is airing old moments. Today they showed top 12 Times Square Moments and they showed a clip of the boys first appearance on TRL in 1998 and from last year. You can download here. If you have problems […]

Oct 15, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on New Layout at Media Vault

The media vault has a new look check it out! Thanks to my wonderful host for providing this great new layout for us.

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