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Jun 15, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on New Info on RedOne Songs

Brian had also mentioned that the single will be a mid-tempo and it will be one of the following songs. Soldier Down or Straight Through My Heart Thanks to Arianna. UPDATE: The song is actually called Straight Through My Heart (Soldier Down) not two seperate songs and Brian is hoping for this to be the first […]

Jun 14, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on New Single Out Next Month

According to Brian at his HHC event on Sunday the new single will be out next month and that it’s a song produced by RedOne. Brian also says that they have done three songs with RedOne. Thanks to my friend Sofia for the info. Also the song ‘Best That I Can’ is written by BSB.

Jun 09, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on Boys in the Studio with RedOne

The boys and Howie  posted on twitter earlier that they are in the studio with RedOne today. backstreetboys Red One! howie_d Hey everyone. Hope you are well. Sorry for the delay in talking. Been in the studio recording a lot. Today in with Red One.

Jun 01, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on Hologram Now Produced By Claude Kelly

Nick left a message on twitter about Hologram asking Claude how Hologram is turning out. Which confirms that the song is now produced by Claude Kelly. It seems as though the boys didn’t like the version with Brian Kennedy.

May 29, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on New Album is Called This Is Us

The boys did a interview with Extra and they have it up on their website to watch here.  Download here. In the interview the boys confirmed the new album will be called ‘This Is Us’.

May 28, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on Working with Claude Kelly Again

Claude Kelly updated twitter earlier saying he was in the studio with the boys. They were fixing and mixing some things. Including recording some more. Also earlier they had a live stream where they mentioned they did a interview with Extra that we’ll see soon. Plus they showed them taking some photos for the album shoot […]

May 27, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on Boys Update on the Album

The boys updated Twitter several minutes ago with the following on the album photo shoot. Fitting time! We’ve got a photo shoot coming up. You know what that means- albums almost done! Photo Shoot Fitting – Nick excited about clothes. Can’t you see it on his expression? Update: The boys have also said on twitter they […]

May 22, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on New Album Info Updated

I’ve updated the album info page. We can now confirm Rami working with the boys as seen in the recent photo also Kristian Lundin who did the song ‘London’ for AJ’s solo album. They are also working with hip-hop producers called The Runners. Who have worked with Chris Browm, Jay Z, T.I., Ludacris, Lil’ Wayne, […]

Apr 28, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on About New Songs

The boys twitter page posted this about the new songs. So to respect the boys do not share them anywhere. Why do people insist on posting unreleased music?? We pull them down and all of the sudden back they go. Help…. Well we hope you like what you heard! Here’s what they say if they […]

Apr 25, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on Five New Songs

So a total of five new songs have leaked on youtube. I am not sure how long these link will work.  Masquerade (produced by Brian Kennedy), Fallen Angel, She’s a Dream (produced by T-Pain), International, and Bigger (written by Max Martin).   My opinion on the songs my faves are Fallen Angel and Masquerade which is […]

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