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Jan 14, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on Album News From the Live Stream

The live stream is now over they haven’t come back in a while. But here’s what I gathered from reading posts at LD on those that have watched the live stream as it started. The boys have recorded 8 songs in a matter of 6 days. The song they were working on as it was […]

Jan 03, 09   Emilia   Comments Off on New Album Information Updated

Check out the new album info page for the latest updates on the new album. If you want to comment or just chat about the new album join the community if you haven’t already.

Dec 29, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on First Single Info From Upcoming Album

Brian Kennedy who is one of the producers that the boys are working on the new album with has released some info on a new song which is said to be the first single. “I am working with them, I have their 1st single coming out soon it’s called Holagram”. Thanks to kaos-girl at LD […]

Dec 28, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on Boys Worked with Akon & RedOne For New Album

As we know the boys are working on their new album set to be released sometime next year. We now have information from RedOne that he and Akon worked with them. Thanks to LtnUltiHaxer at LD for messaging RedOne and getting this info.

Nov 21, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on Recording with Chris Brown & T-Pain

Nick was on KTLA (a news station in LA) today and mentioned that they’ll be working with Chris Brown in the upcoming days and on the 24th they’ll be working with T-Pain. He also said he was happy to be working with label mates. We’ll update with video if posted.

Nov 18, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on Backstreet looks to change its sound, Carter says

Nick Carter is the most visible face of the Backstreet Boys, the vocal group that sold more than 75 million albums in its chart-topping ’90s heyday. Carter, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough and AJ McLean reunited a second time in 2007 to release their fifth studio album, Unbreakable. The group, which no longer includes Kevin Richardson, has […]

Oct 29, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on Chris Brown Worked with BSB

Recently Chris Brown did a interview in Australia and was asked who has he worked with and he mentioned the boys. You can watch the interview here. Thanks to sweet-kisses at LD for this.

Sep 15, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on Boys Back in the Studio

TMZ caught up with AJ and he mentioned that the boys are in the studio as of today. They are already recording their brand new album. This is exciting news. I didn’t think they’d hit the studios to record the new album until October. You can download the video at the community.  Or watch it […]

Sep 11, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on New Album

In the next few weeks the boys will be start recording their follow up to ‘Unbreakable’. When info on who they are working with, etc are confirmed I will post here. I have made a section for the new album where the info will be posted at. But at this moment if you want to see […]

Jul 28, 08   Emilia   Comments Off on Backstreet Boys look to follow up ‘Unbreakable’

Though they’ve still got lots of touring ahead this summer, the Backstreet Boys are getting to work on their follow-up to 2007’s “Unbreakable” as singers Howie Dorough and A.J. McLean finish up their respective solo CDs. So far, the group–which also includes Brian Littrell and Nick Carter–has recorded one as-yet-untitled song written by Ryan Tedder of […]

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