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Sep 02, 14   Emilia   Comments Off on Nick & Knight Album is Out Now!

It’s September 2nd and the new album from Nick & Knight  has been released! Buy the album now on iTunes and on Amazon! If you haven’t heard it yet check it out. When I first heard it on Pandora I was impressed. I’m not much of a Jordan Knight fan but this album turned out […]

Aug 25, 14   Emilia   Comments Off on Stream Nick & Knight Album on Pandora

We’re about a week away from the release of Nick’s new album with Jordan Knight, Nick & Knight. Fans in the U.S. can stream the entire album exclusively on Pandora. You will need an account to do so. Visit Pandora.com to listen to the brand new album now!

Aug 25, 14   Emilia   Comments Off on New Song Available on iTunes From Nick & Knight

A new track is now available for download from the Nick & Knight album if you pre-ordered on iTunes. Most have already heard the song as Amazon released it a little early a few days ago. They stopped selling it once they realized it wasn’t meant to be released yet. It’s the song called “Switch”. […]

Aug 22, 14   Emilia   Comments Off on New Nick & Knight Song Switch on Amazon

Amazon.com has a new song available from the Nick & Knight album called “Switch”. The song is available for download when you pre-order the mp3 version of the album. Pre-order the new album at amazon.com now to hear the new songs! The other two songs you’ll recieve is “One More Time” and “Paper”.

Aug 19, 14   Emilia   Comments Off on Pre-Order Nick & Knight Album on iTunes

The new Nick & Knight album is now available to pre-order on iTunes. With the pre-order you’ll recieve a new song called “Paper”. The track can also be streamed on the Nick & Knight youtube page. The other track if you haven’t already bought it is One More Time. Pre-order the album now on iTunes.

Aug 18, 14   Emilia   Comments Off on Tracklisting For Nick & Knight Album

The tracklist for the Nick & Knight album has been revealed on BestBuy.com. The album features 10 tracks. Update: The track list has been updated. iTunes lists a different order than it is on Best Buy. 1. One More Time 2. Nobody Better 3. Switch 4. Drive My Car 5. Take Me Home 6. Deja […]

Aug 15, 14   Emilia   Comments Off on Pre-Order Nick & Knight Album

The new Nick & Knight album will be released September 2, 2014 and there are a few ways to pre-order your copy. If you pre-order at New Bury Comics you’ll recieve a limited autographed CD booklet. Visit NewBuryComics.com to purchase. The album is also available for pre-order on Amazon.com. As mentioned a few months ago […]

Jul 26, 14   Emilia   Comments Off on One More Time on iTunes

If you haven’t been able to purchase the new Nick & Knight Single One More Time in your country you might be able to now. Check the iTunes store and purchase the song today! The song is available in most countries in Europe.

Jul 16, 14   Emilia   Comments Off on Articles & Reviews on One More Time

Some new articles and reviews have been posted on Nick & Knight’s new single One More Time. Check them out below. Idolator MTV OK Magazine They also have a poll included asking whose new music is your favorite this week? Popcrush Time USA Today

Jul 15, 14   Emilia   Comments Off on Fuse Review of One More Time

Nick Carter and Jordan Knight Drop First Nick & Knight Track, “One More Time” Loyal boy band fans, this is the single for you! They must’ve really hit it off while touring together back in 2011 and 2012, because Nick Carter (of Backstreet Boys fame) and Jordan Knight (New Kids On The Block heartthrob) have […]

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