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Jun 22, 18   Emilia   Comments Off on Closing Kaos Online

Next month will be Kaos Online’s 12th anniversary and while I had a wonderful experience running Kaos Online I’ve decided to close the site. This was a hard decision for me to make, but over the last few years, it’s been a struggle to keep the site and to keep it going. The domain costs […]

Oct 18, 16   Emilia   Comments Off on Get the Latest Updates on BSB on the Go

Are you away from your computer and would like updates on Nick and Backstreet Boys? There are a few ways to get updates on the Boys. If you want to visit the website while on your smart phone and tablet you can. The website is suitable for all types of devices so there’s no need […]

Jul 12, 16   Emilia   Comments Off on 10 Years of Kaos Online

On July 12, 2006 I launched a little website that would eventually be known as Kaos Online. Before I began the site I used to own a few Yahoo Groups and would help on some fan forums. After helping on some forums I decided I wanted my own site to share news, to show support […]

Jul 12, 16   Emilia   Comments Off on Brand New Theme!

Kaos Online has a new look for it’s 10th anniversary! I want to thank Claudia of Never Enough Design for theme! I love it. I made the header image myself with some of my favorite photos of Nick. I hope you guys like the new look. The theme is responsive which means it will adapt […]

Jun 29, 16   Emilia   Comments Off on Kaos Online’s 10th Anniversary Top 10 Spotify Playlist

On July 12th it will be Kaos Online’s 10th anniversary and 10 years since I launched the site! To celebrate I’ve created a Spotify playlist for everyone. Kaos Online’s 10th Anniversary Top 10. These are my favorite Backstreet Boys songs from over the years. It was hard to choose just 10 songs as BSB have […]

Oct 18, 15   Emilia   Comments Off on Thank You Everyone For Your Support

For those who follow Kaos Online on Twitter and liked the Facebook page you may have noticed I posted that last week that I would be having surgery on October 16. I wanted to take some time while I recover to thank everyone who sent me messages. I recieved so many messages that I couldn’t […]

Aug 24, 15   Emilia   Comments Off on Welcome Back to Kaos Online!

Kaos Online is back! Finally I have been able to get the site back online. Thank you everyone for waiting while I worked on moving the site. We have a new domain now. Kaos-Online.net. Same name just a .net for now. If you have the old address bookmarked update it with the new address. I’d […]

Aug 07, 15   Emilia   Comments Off on My Host Is Closing – Possibly Moving Site

Yesterday afternoon I found out that my host fan-sites.org where Kaos Online is hosted is closing. Meaning every single site hosted with them has to move to another host. If they want to or not. Which is a problem not only for me but for many other fan sites as you can imagine. The reason […]

Jul 12, 15   Emilia   Comments Off on Kaos Online 9th Anniversary

Today is Kaos Online’s 9th anniversary! 9 years ago today I launced my site on Nick and to this day I still enjoy running the site. When I launched the site I had only made it to show my support to Nick and BSB. To share news for whoever visited. Then as years passed and […]

Jun 16, 15   Emilia   Comments Off on Backstreet Boys History & More on Kaos Online

If you’re trying to access ThisIsBackstreet.com you may have noticed the site now takes you to Kaos-Online.com. After several months I decided recently to close This is Backstreet. Mainly because I didn’t want to have the same content on two seperate sites. As everyone knows Kaos Online not only is it just for news on […]

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