Jan 15
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Cinemaxx.de listed several cities that will screen the documentary in Germany on February 26. Visit their site for more details.

Augsburg, Berlin, Bielefeld, Bremen, Dresden, Essen, Freiburg, Göttingen, Halle, Hamburg-Dammtor, Hannover, Heilbronn, Kiel, Krefeld, Magdeburg, Mülheim, München, Offenbach, Oldenburg, Regensburg, Sindelfingen, Stuttgart an der Liederhalle, Trier, Wolfsburg, Wuppertal, Würzburg

Jan 15
Emilia News

Stephen Kijak the director of the Backstreet Boys documentary has been nice enough to reply to fans and giving them updates on what’s going with the release of the documentary. Below is a summary of what he’s said over the last few days. Follow him on twitter. He may just post some more information.

Even though the sneak peek screening is sold out in NYC they are looking to expand the screening and add more tickets.

Other cities will be announced for the sneak peek sometime this week. The first batch of cities listed for a sneak peak in the US are all AMC theaters. Stephen has mentioned that Tugg.com is looking to reach out to theaters in some cities that aren’t AMC.

The sneak peek on January 29th will also include 20 minutes worth of bonus footage.

In regards to whether or not BSB will do a Meet & Greet at the LA premiere it’s uncertain right now. Stephen has said that it’s up to BSB. There will be a red carpet event and some other things. There maybe a online stream live from the premiere. It was talked about, but isn’t sure if it will happen.

On January 30th the documentary will be released to 10-12 in major cities and on VOD the same day. Gravitas should announce the Video on Demand providers that will have the documentary sometime this week.

News on the international release including the live stream acoustic performance will be announced on January 8th or 9th.

Jan 15
Emilia News

The early screenings for the Backstreet Boys documentary are now reaching the minimum number of reservations needed to confirm a screening. Below are the cities that will have a screen so far and how many tickets are left for the screening. When more screenings are confirmed this post will be updated.

LA/Hollywood – Sold Out.
NYC – Previously sold out. More tickets were added. 2 tickets left.
NYC – Second screening at a different theater – 67 tickets left.
Cherry Hill, NJ – Previously sold out. More tickets were added. 65 tickets left.
Newport, KY – 60 tickets left.
Boston, MA – Sold Out
Indianapolis, IN – Sold Out.
Chicago, IL – Sold Out.
Lake Buena Vista, FL – Previously sold out. More tickets were added. 142 tickets left.
Kennesaw, GA – 60 tickets left.
West Homestead (Pittsburgh), PA – 40 tickets left.
South Miami, FL – 38 tickets left.
St. Louis, MO – Previously sold out. More tickets were added. 32 tickets left.
Concord, NC – 49 tickets left.
Houston, TX – 30 tickets left.
Seattle, WA – 45 tickets left.
San Francisco, CA – 108 tickets left.

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Jan 15
Emilia News

The cities for the early screening for the Backstreet Boys “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of” Documentary are now announced!

Visit bsbmovie.tugg.com to see if a city near you is listed and reserve your tickets now! If your city isn’t listed you can still enter your email and zipcode. For now only the cities in the US are listed. Canadian cities aren’t mentioned as of yet. There needs to be a certain amount of people to reserve tickets for a early screening to happen in your area. Each city is different. So purchase your tickets now and let others know!

On January 29th in LA/Hollywood there will be a premiere. You’ll get to watch the documentary with BSB. There are only 157 tickets left for the premiere so get your tickets now on tugg.com (link above).

A email was also sent out today giving more information. The early screenings will also include footage not shown in the documentary. Another email was sent out by Tugg.com explaining that more cities will be announced for a early screening of the documentary so stay tuned for that.

For international fans Stephen Kijak mentioned on twitter info on that release will be announced on January 8th or 9th.

Dec 14
Emilia Updates

This year has been a year of ups and down for me. Throughout the year I’ve been sick and in pain quite a lot. I still deal with this day to day, but it’s gotten better. Through all of this I had some of the good times thanks to Nick and Backstreet Boys. Whether it was online or at concerts these moments made my year.

When the Backstreet Boys announced the second US leg of the In a World Like This Tour it was on my birthday on March 14. I was excited to see a date for Pittsburgh as they didn’t have a show in 2013. The concert was a lot of fun. I not only got to see the boys, but my friends and some others that I chat with online. I had pit tickets that day, which was the best spot anyone could have at a BSB concert. Nick recognized me at one point during the show. He smiled and winked at me. The after party was fun as well. I got photos with both AJ and Howie. We also got to see AJ sing Try which was the first time he had sung that song and the boys sing Get Down.

One of my favorite moments has to be during one of Nick’s chat when he started to talk about adding new merchandise to his website. As he started to discuss this he mentioned me then he stopped to ask if I was on and read the chat to make sure. After I replied that I was he asked me to help make a list of merchandise items fans like to see on his site. I don’t get to chat with Nick much outside of twitter (when he does reply) so for a few minutes it was great to have some interaction with him. He’s mentioned me in chats in the past and every time he does it makes me happy.

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Dec 14
Emilia Fan Projects

Next month will be Nick’s 35th birthday and I will be doing another project for it. Here’s how you can participate in the project.

Did you meet Nick this year? Whether it was during the Backstreet Boys tour, Nick & Knight tour, cruise or any other event held this year submit your photo with Nick. Make sure it’s in good quality. HQ if possible. If you met him more than once you can send in a collage. Just make sure it’s in good quality. I won’t be asking for messages like I did for his 34th birthday. Just your photos with Nick from this year. I know not everyone has met him this year, but since Nick has done many concerts and events this year I wanted to include photos from this year as a way to say thank you to him.

Make sure to include your name and twitter. If you don’t have twitter that is fine as long as you include your name. I’ll add your name and twitter account to your photo. You can submit the photo by email.

The deadline is January 20th. After that I will no longer accept photos for the project. I’ll put the photos together and once it’s Nick’s birthday it will be posted. Let others know of the project. The more photos submitted the better.

Dec 14
Emilia News

Since the release of the Backstreet Boys documentary trailer earlier this week there have been several articles discussing it. Many in which seem to be giving the documentary good praise based on the trailer and are interested in seeing it.

Celebuzz – The First Trailer for the Backstreet Boys Documentary is Here, and it is Amazing
Crushable – 10 Reasons The Backstreet Boys Documentary Will Actually Be Good
E! Online – The Backstreet Boys Documentary Trailer is Here and It Looks Pretty Interesting.
She Knows – Backstreet Boys’ documentary trailer is intense and downright emotional
The Verge – This Backstreet Boys documentary looks pretty great.
USA Today – The Backstreet Boys movie trailer actually looks really good.

While other sites have reported on the release of the trailer including Access Hollywood, Enterianment Tonight, Entertainment Weekly, MTV and US Weekly.

Dec 14
Emilia News

There is a chance for fans to get a early screening of the Backstreet Boys documentary on January 29th. A email was sent from BackstreetBoys.com with details on how fans in the US can get a sneek preview of the documentary. As well as a video of AJ explaining this oppertunity. Watch it on Vimeo.

Backstreet Army, it’s time…. (US only)

You’ve asked for it, and here it is! We’re bringing you the opportunity to help us decide where we release our film one-night early for special eventized screenings of BACKSTREET BOYS: SHOW ‘EM WHAT YOU’RE MADE OF! How Do I Get the Documentary to MY City?

Ok so you’re probably wondering what exactly does this mean? It means that by heading here: http://bsbmovie.tugg.com/ and submitting your email and zip code you’ll be the first to hear if your town will receive an early screening. We’ll be sure to keep you updated once we launch events in your area, but for now, here’s how you can help share this opportunity:

1. Share the event link above on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and ask your friends and followers to sign up now!

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Dec 14
Emilia Media, News

It’s officially out! The trailer for the upcoming Backstreet Boys documentary “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of” is now available on iTunes!

Visit iTunes to watch the trailer online. Once we have a official youtube link it will be added here. iTunes also has mentioned that we can now pre-order the documentary and it will be released the same day it’s released in theaters! January 30th. To pre-order click here.

The trailer is now available on the boys official youtube.

Dec 14
Emilia News

Stephen Kijak (the director of the BSB documentary) posted some exciting news on the documentary on twitter today. Some fans had asked when we’d be able to see the official trailer for documentary. He replied to a few of the fans with one word. Tomorrow!

He also mentioned for the international release fans will have some information early January. This was his tweet about the international release.

BSB International! @BSBtheMovie look for info early Jan – tons of screens being booked “all around the world”! Really excited.